Middleware developers and testers can find on this Portal a comprehensive specification of testing procedures for the ITU-T H.761 Ginga-NCL middleware. Moreover, they can also make contributions, revising or creating conformance testing items, which may be:
  • Assertions
  • Test instructions
  • Test cases
  • System Test cases
  • Test suites

In summary, an assertion is a fundamental information excerpted from the Standards that states an assertive rule or condition coming from some Ginga-NCL’s functionality. A test instruction is a step-by-step description of an NCL application whose expected results depend on rules and conditions stated on the associated assertion. A test case is a particular NCL application implementation that follows a test instruction. A set of test cases is named a test suite.

Ginga-NCL Conformance Testing Portal was launched in July 2011 with a set of more than 250 assertions, 780 test instructions and 300 test cases.

Periodically, our most active members will meet to select the set of assertions and instructions that will be sent for approval of ITU-T Study Group 16 Question 13 (Q13/16), as a contribution to the development of the ITU-T H.761 Conformance Testing Specification (HSTP.IPTV-CONF.H761).

ITU-T officially endorses this initiative. ITU-T endorsement was firstly approved by Question 13/16 in the ITU-T IPTV-GSI meeting of July 2011 and then it was also approved in the ITU-T Study Group 16 meeting in November 2011.